News and Updates on Storm Water Issues

News and Updates on Storm Water Issues

New Design and Greater Efficiency for Curb Inlet Filter

While the existing design of the Curb Inlet Filter is good, we at REM can’t help but make things better! Hence the improvements to our Curb Inlet Filter. Greater capacity and flow, removal of standing water, optional anti-microbial media to eliminate bacteria and odor and optional floatable debris screen are just 4 of our improvements. Click here for pictures … call us for details (888-526-4736 toll free).

New Brochures and Catalogs Available

All our brochures and cut-sheets have been updated with dimensions, model options and specifications. E-Mail or call us for copies (888-526-4736 toll free).

REM Linecard
Trench Drain (TT3)
Triton Drop Inlet Filter
Trench Dam
Geo-Trap Filter
Curb Inlet Filter
Storm Water Information from Various Cities and States — email us with your City’s page!

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California Storm Water Programs
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Federal Storm Water Programs
For Storm Water Filter inspections and maintenance call us at 1-888-526-4736!

Cleaning and maintaining your Storm Water Filters is part of the 1987 Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq., Section 402(P) as amended), as well as state and local laws. Call us today to inspect and clean your filters!

REM now has two Storm Water Filter and Catch Basin service trucks. Each one is fully capable of cleaning and maintaining your storm water filters and catch basins!

Click here for more information on the services we offer!