About Revel Environmental Manufacturing Inc. (REM)

Revel Environmental Manufacturing Inc. (REM) originated out of the large interceptor industry in both the designing and manufacturing of clarifiers, grease, sand/oil, and storm water interceptors. We have consistently pursued better technology in both storm water filtration and comprehensive maintenance programs for the many different systems available on the market today.

We developed the Triton Filter system as an economical solution for the removal of hydrocarbons and other contaminants from storm water runoff. Contaminants including sand, silt, litter, paint, petroleum products, liquids/semi-liquid food substances, body fluids and other chemicals.

Our filters comply with the Federal EPA criteria of using the “Best Available Technology” (BAT) and offer a cost effective alternative to other expensive oil-water separators.

In addition to our standard catch basin filters for trench drains, drop inlets and curb inlets; we can customize our filters for your specific needs at each site and have many applications for shopping centers, office buildings, industrial parks and community developments, both during the course of construction and the ongoing operating concern. Other applications include gas stations, truck stops, maintenance shops, highways, urban streets and other pollution-prone areas.

The filter design uses an aggressive yet environmentally safe absorbent material know as XSORB® Select. XSORB® Select is licensed as an oil cleanup agent by the California EPA, State Water Resources Control Board and approved by the Department of Fish and Game to cleanup California’s sensitive rivers and waterways.

Our goal at REM is not only to offer a superior line of catch basin filter inserts by staying on the leading edge of technology, but to also offer a quality maintenance/inspection program that keeps our filters and other brands working in compliance throughout the different seasons of the year and phases of a project.

In addition to servicing catch basin filter inserts, we offer a complete maintenance/inspection program designed around both large and small interceptors, i.e. clarifiers, sand/oil, etc. REM also offers consulting in the area’s of both large and small interceptors, to help determine which system would best fit your specific application.

The design of our filters allows easy on-site maintenance, which helps keep ongoing costs low. The filter medium is disposed of in accordance with Federal, State and local laws for petroleum waste. REM Inc. participates in a recycling program, which has been approved by the California EPA, this program facilitates the separation and recycling of oil and absorbent, lessening the customer’s liability and decreasing landfill use while doing the most to protect the environment. We stand behind our products by extending a 5-year Warranty on our filters when serviced by REM Inc, or an approved vendor.

We also offer a complete line of absorbent barriers such as booms, pillows and socks to protect storm drains from contaminated runoff during the course of construction and the ongoing property operations. We also offer a complete line of absorbents, lightweight granular materials, absorbent pads and rugs, spill response kits and biohazard emergency response kits. These absorbents and kits are designed to clean up a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid spills that will leave the surface clean, dry and non-slippery.