Sampling Pole

REM Triton Drop Inlet Filter –  The REM TRITON™ Line of filters provide an effective and economical solution to help property owners, corporations and municipalities meet stormwater quality requirements and regulations. Easily installed and mounted on the catch basin wall below the grate in combination grate & curb inlet structures and drop inlet storm drains, the REM TRITON Top Hat filter utilizes a patented media cartridge system that effectively removes pollutants from stormwater.

The REM TRITON filter allows for easy water sampling.  Once the grate is removed from the catch basin, the unique design provides access below the filter through the overflow bypass. Operators can then capture filtered / treated stormwater for analysis.

REM TRITON filters are engineered with an overflow bypass eliminating backup or pooling during high intensity rain events that exceed the treatment volume and capacity of the filter.  This overflow port is where water samples should be taken.

REM offers a number of different Sampling Rods to fit your needs.  Please call our offices for more information at 925.676.4736.

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